Tandem Flight Information

Take off and experience the freedom immediately after start, without

restrictions and engine noise, floating freely, only connected to the

wing by a few lines, feel the movements and forces of the atmosphere in

the midst of our beautiful landscape.

For a short time forget everyday life to be completely with yourself. An

experience that can only be felt when flying.

For us, this is the special attraction of flying a paraglider. Join us

and experience it for yourself.

Gliding flight

Recommended for those interested in flying, who want to get to know paragliding and enjoy the bird's eye view. If wished, the passenger ca also steer the paraglider him/herself during the flight. Fun an enjoyment are guaranteed in any case Tandem gliding flights are possible all year round depending on weathe conditions.


€ 130,00

  • Take off:
  • Landing zone: Ried or plateau in Schnifis
  • Total duration: 1:15 hours
  • Flight time: 10-15 minutes
  • Maximum flight altitude: 1350 - 1500m
  • Meeting point:
    at the bottom of the cable car

St. Anton am Arlberg

€ 165,00

  • Take off:
  • Landing zone: Nasserein at the golf course
  • Total duration: 1:30 hours
  • Flight time: 15 minutes
  • Maximum flight altitude: 2330m
  • Meeting point:
    top of Kapall, exit to the left

Lech am Arlberg

€ 190,00

  • Take off winter: Kriegerhorn
    Take off summer: Rüfikopf
  • Landing zone: next to Flühen lift
  • Total duration: 1:30 hours
  •  Flight time: 12 minutes
  • Maximum flight altitude: 2290m
  • Meeting point:
    with ski: Kriegerhorn mountain station, exit to the right
    without ski: bottom of Schlegelkopfbahn

Thermal flight / Panoramaflug

Thermal flight

€ 260,00

  • Total duration of the experience about 2 hours
  • Flight time about 30 minutes
  • Maximum flight altitude approx. 2600 to 2800 meters
  •  Location: Schnifis, Lech am Arlberg, St. Anton am Arlberg
  • Recommended for flight enthusiasts who want to experience flying in
    thermals and updrafts and who want to raise their perspective above the
    usual horizon.

  • Due to weather conditions thermal flights are possible from
    mid-February to October after 11am.

Panoramic flight

€ 330,00

  • Total duration of the experience approx. 2:30 hours
  • Flight time about 1 hour
  •  Maximum flight altitude approx. 2800 to 3300 meters
  • Location: Schnifis, Lech am Arlberg, St. Anton am Arlberg
  • Recommended for the ones with some flying experience, who want to
    experience the ultimate flight. This flight requires optimal flight
    weather and is not possible on every flight day.
    Our tip: dress warm !
  • Panoramic flights require best flight weather. They are possible
    from March to October after 12pm

Videos in our You Tube channel

Requirements for All Tandem Flights

Good shoes, gloves, long trousers, a warm jacket are required for flying. Or simple use your ski clothes. There is no age limit. We also welcome heavier people, our tandem wings are approved for a body weight of 120 kg or more.

Insurance Coverage


description insurance benefit
Aircraft and passenger liability insurance
€ 1.500.000,-
Damage to checked baggage
€ 3000,- mit einer Selbstbeteiligung von € 150,-
Pure financial loss
€ 12.500,-
Passenger accident coverage in case of death or disability
€ 40.000,-