PHI Tenor Light Gr. L=23 (B, 90-120kg) White/Blue=Weiss/Blau (3,64kg)

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4.150,00 €

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Designer's Note

The weight reduction of the TENOR light over the normal TENOR is offering even better recovering after deflations and even less dynamic reactions in extreme manoeuvres. So it was possible to rise the max take off weight by 10kg. This has to be seen as an extended weight range, for pilots who want to fly a high loaded, small, light and very agile wing, offering extreme fun and performance at speed.

Hannes Papesh

Technical Data

TENOR light
number of cells50 / 10050 / 10050 / 10050 / 10050 / 100
projected spanm8,008,418,819,219,61
projected area17,4519,2521,1523,0925,12
projected aspect ratio3,673,673,673,673,67
flat spanm10,2910,8111,3311,8412,35
flat area20,622,7424,9827,2729,67
flat aspect ratio5,145,145,145,145,14
line lengthm6,136,446,757,067,36
total line lengthm226,6238249,5260,7271,9
maximum chordm2,492,622,742,872,99
minimum chordm0,590,620,650,680,71
standard weight rangekg50-7565-8575-9590-110105-130
extended weight rangekg85-9595-105110-120130-140
certified weight rangekg50-7565-9575-10590-120105-140
certification (EN/LTF)BBBBB
materialPorcher Skytex 32 / 27
risersRZ3 (3), RZ4 (3+1)
riser lengthmm500500540540540
price *41504150415041504150
*recommended retail price incl. 20% vat

Weight Ranges

Serial Colors


We played a lot with the rigging system to improve the angle of attach being optimal reduced over the wingspan by stepping into the speed system. Another main point was the high form stability in turbulence or when the brakes are pulled a little.