Nervures Whizz 18 (C, 50-75kg) Rot/Weiss/Gelb (Vorführer)

Baujahr: März 2015. Gewicht: 2,9kg.

900,00 € 900.0 EUR

900,00 €

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Technical Caracteristics & Performance
Area (m²)182022
Span (m)9.29.810.4
Aspect ratio4.84.84.8
Area proj.(m²)15.216.918.6
Span proj. (m)
Aspect Ratio proj.
In Flight Weight (kg)50-7555-10060-95
Homologation EN 926-2CB75kg/C100kgA
Performance for best in flight weight measured around 1000 m altitude
V max full speed (±2km/h)504948
V max (± 2 km/h)424040
V min (± 2 km/h)222222
Weight with DYNEEMA risers (kg) (unsheathed)2.582.732.84
Weight with standard risers (kg) (sheathed)


The Lines

The bottom line set is made of pre-stretched Dyneema hot and wrapped end, the gain in drag is significant. The top line set is wrapped to facilitate sorting and provide greater resistance to abrasion.
Option is available in the WHIZZ unsheated lines, this option reduces the weight of 180-200 grams.


The Whizz comes as standard with risers specially designed for easy grip and reduce takeoff weight.
Optional risers 100% dyneema could be ordered.


Diagonal provide excellent holding for non lined profiles while maintaining the weight of wing low.
Manufacturing quality is signed NERVURES: double stitching, internal hems,gallon trailing edge...
The rods in the leading edge are plated on the web through with laser cut parts to eliminate stress concentrations, the risk of damage by abrasion and hard points.
Mylar cut to shape complement this construction to optimize the holding of the profile.
The innovative cutting (balloning 3D) of the leading edge, provides a remarkable surface.
Rods on the last set of lines transmit load it also contributes to good performance at low speed and improves glide ratio.
We have selected the best fabrics "Porcher Sport" and mix grades for optimum light without compromising durability.

  • leading Edge Skytex 38 water-repellent,
  • skytex 27 upper and down surface and intermediate ribs,
  • ribs and X in Skytex 32 hard,

The implementation of this set of fabrics gives a rather light canopy , very durable and stable with ageing.


Leading edgePORCHER Skytex 38 universal
DecoPORCHER Skytex 38 universal
Upper surfacePORCHER Skytex 27 universal
Lower surfacePORCHER Skytex 27 universal
Suspented ribsPORCHER Skytex 32 hard finish
CellsPORCHER Skytex 27 universal
X cellsPORCHER Skytex 32 hard finish
Line reinforcementPOLYANT DACRON LAMINE 180
RodsNylon 2mm
Upper lineLIROS Dyneema 7850100
Upper lineLIROS DC 100
A Lower lineEDELDRID Aramide A7950200
B C Lower lineEDELDRID Aramide A7950150
C D Lower lineEDELDRID Aramide A6843120
Brake linesEDELDRID Aramide A6843240
Ribbons risersSCHOUTETEN Polyamide 15mm
Dyneema risersGLEYSTEIN DYNEEMA 4mm
PulleyFTW Aluminium Anodisé

PV d'homologation