Gin Introducing the Boomerang X

pezimo • Fr 02. Dez, 2011 (16:04 UTC)
 Gin Introducing the Boomerang X
The Boomerang X is a true EN D wing with outstanding performance. It is the result of the fusion of our competition and EN D development programme.

It is not yesterday's "re-trimmed" Open Class wing, but a completely new development. It is aimed at today's advanced pilots who fly XC and competitions.

The moderate aspect ratio, unique planform, and 3-line design is beneficial to handling, stability, and recovery characteristics.

Yet the climb and glide performance at speeds of up to half-bar is comparable to the previous generation of 2 line Open Class wings.

Certification of a wide range of sizes, each with a narrow weight range, is planned.

More details will be available soon.



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