ozone news r11 farben sind da..

pezimo • Di 18. Jan, 2011 (13:21 UTC)
ozone news r11 farben sind da..


gleich wie bei dem R10 xxs von 70-80 kg




nicht vor Juni


We hope you and your pilots like the patent pending Shark Nose technology that we think will make this wing a real winner!

Empfehlung von Ozone:

For the R11 we recommend adding a Saucisse Pack for concertina folding and we also recommend the Anti-G Safety Device to enable fast and safe spiral descent.

Ozone are proud to announce the R11.

After another winter of careful research, evaluation and competition we are pleased to launch what we think to be a very worthy
successor to the R10. Once again we have raised the bar even further by increasing speed, performance and comfort. This is achieved by a careful refinement of the still successful R10; retaining all of the good characteristics whilst improving some of the issues. The R11 will showcase new {patent pending} innovative features that give significant improvements in performance, comfort and ease of use*.

The R10 remains a benchmark wing with class leading performance and a level of refinement others strive to beat. With the R11 we have managed to better the R10 in every aspect. The R11 is more stable, even more collapse resistant than its predecessor, especially at high speeds and it is more comfortable to fly. On final glide nothing will touch it, we have increased useable top speed by 10kph. This is the wing for serious podium contenders.

We are very excited about this new wing. It reminds us of a famous film: Just when the competition thought it was safe to go back in the water... :)

  • Even though we say comfort and ease of use are significantly improved, this wing, like the R10, is still just for serious top level competitors only.