That’s how Cross-Country flying with us works! Enjoy every kilometer flown instead of just winding them down…

                        We finally have succeeded to create the ideal infrastructure for long XC-flights in the Northeast of Brazil. Forget about the horror scenarios which you can watch in youtube videos where pilots get launched from a hill in howling winds and into murder thermals. This only is happening when you take-off from a mountain into wind which is compressed in between the terrain and the low inversion.

                        We launch in the flatlands, from a 800m wide dry river bed with 4 state of the art payout winches. We can tow every pilot up to 1000m agl. The 3km long tow-strips allow us to tow you up smoothly and relaxed without unnecessary stress for the pilot and the wing. On short tow strips you have to tow more agressively with much more tension on the tow line and this is not only nice for your wing but also creates stress for the pilot.

                        We can operate with all four winches parallel and simultaneously and tow up a team of 4 pilots at the same time so that they can fly together and find the thermals together. Flying across flatlands is different to flying in the mountains, you have to adapt and develop your own sense to find the right thermal triggers. But these thermals are wider and surprisingly soft and no comparison to the rough and rocking thermals in the Alps. The wind does not disrupt the thermals, the opposite is the case and you can fly far, many kilometers. Pilots who rarely flew more than 50 km in the Alps flew with us in Brazil their first 100km flight and much further. We also had record hunters in our group. This gives you the chance to fly with the best pilots of the World and to learn from them.
                        In Brazil the 4 actual World Record pilots (562 km) are flying with us:
                        - Frank Brown
                        - Rafael Saladini
                        - Samuel Nascimento
                        - Marcelo Prieto

                        During our winch towing tour in autumn 2018 Sebastian Ospina did manage in 12 days to make 5 flights of more than 400 km and has put himself into the leading position of the World XC-Contest
                        Marcella Uchoa is leading the score for the women in the World XC-Contest

                        The best pilots in the World took advantage of our organization. Important are our weather briefings for the local conditions, the perfect take-off site, our 4 state of the art payout winches and of course and last but not least our retrieve service. You don’t have to be afraid of long hikes in the desert under the burning sun! Who isn’t hungry to set a new World Record can just keep following one of the many roads and still fly very long distances. We guarantee to retrieve every pilot within a short time after he has landed and to take him back to his hotel on the same day even after a 500km flight. Flying with us means you don’t have to carry your tooth brush in your harness :-)

                        Here is a facebook article by one of our participating pilots:


                        shuttle service 

                        from Fortaleza airport to our hotel and back again to Fortaleza only on Saturday

                        Hotel accommodation with a very good breakfast

                        with a very good breakfast

                        retrieve service

                        our perfect retrieve service

                        lunch packet

                        to keep you fit during your flight

                        Not includet


                        your flight to Fortaleza and back home